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Duration: 1.5- 2 hours 

In the 17th century Marais was inhabited by the royal families, a century later it was the very birthplace of the revolution. While it was spared from any drastic changes during the 19th century, in the 20th century it became known as the historical Jewish area. It is no wonder why today it is the most chic area to live in the world. This two hour tour will take you through the fashionable Marais district from the 17th century to today.
Highlights of the tour: Pompidou Centre, Hotel de Ville, Place des Vosges, Hotel de Sully, Art Nouveau Synagouge, Pletzl, World war II, Bastille square, French Revolution.

Reservation and info: or + 33 6 42 47 70 57



tory of stories that the cathedral has accumulated through its thousand year history. Chris will explain to you why exactly the Notre Dame and Saint Chapelle are so special and how it came to be built in the first place, along with the background of the island they stand on.

Highlights: The gargoyles and their architectural significance, ,The flying buttresses, windows of Saint Chapelle, how the Notre Dame briefly became a “Temple of Reason”, relics from Saint Louis, Patron Saints of Paris and France, The gallic history of the Ile de la Cité


Reservation and info: or + 33 6 42 47 70 57