Worldwide known for its rich history, for its tolerance, and bikes all around, Amsterdam offers unlimited opportunities to enrich your travel experience. We took bits of all of that and prepared for you free walking tours, half day and day tours, private tours, museum visits, food tours.

  • small groups 15-20 people max
  • we created walks with the help from recognized historians, artists and scholars
  • our guides are locals, highly educated, professional and experienced
  • our tours are fun, easy to walk, educational, original
  • City Free Tour is one of the pioneers of the free walks and tours in Amsterdam and in the world, since 2012!

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Amsterdam City Free Tour


The best tour for your stay in Amsterdam! Join our small group with the local guide and discover Amsterdam in this wide introduction to the city. Our walk will take you through 800 years old history, we will discover culture, art, architecture, lifestyle of the city and its habitants. You will find out about how our city became city of bikes, city of tolerance and what is like to live in Amsterdam today. This tour is 2-2.5 hour, please bring your walking shoes and of course…an umbrella!

Duration: 2-2.5h

Meeting point: Nieuwmarkt square, in front of De Waag restaurant (castle looklike house in the middle of the square). Our guide will be waiting for you with the City Free Tour sign in his/her hands. Nieuwmarkt square is around 10ish minutes from Dam Square and Central Station of Amsterdam.

Highlights: Old city gate, Amsterdam city of bikes, East India Company, Dam Square, Royal Palace, Jewish Quarter, Old Church, Dutch tolerance and human rights, World War 2, movement in the 70’s and much more.

Reservation needed.


Red Light Free Tour


One of the landmarks of Amsterdam is for sure this historical part of the city- Red Light District! All around the world is know as prostitution place and we will take you to the history of it. Discover how prostitution started next to the religious bildings and what is situation today, working rights, human rights and in which direction “the oldest profession in the world” is heading today.

Duration: 1.5h

Meeting point:The tour starting point is on Oudekerksplein (Oudekerk square “Old’s Church Square), below the Oude Kerk bell tower, next to the Belle Statue. Our guide will be waiting for you with the City Free Tour sign in his/her hands. Oudekerksplein is around 5 minutes (ish) from Dam Square and Central Station of Amsterdam.

Highlights:  Casa Rosso, history of prostitution, development of workers rights, legalisation and how city is taking care of it today, the old harbor, famous windows and their blue and red lights, narrow streets and one of the oldest cofeeshops…and much more

Reservation needed.


Half Day Amsterdam Tour



Book a 3-hour private half day tour and discover Amsterdam by visting known landmarks and hidden gems where only locals can take you! This tous is designed according to you wishes and our suggestions. On this tour you will get a local insight to Amsterdam, plus along the way we will point you places where you can meet locals and taste the origan flavours of Amsterdam.

Duration: 3 hours

Highlights: New city and the old city, religous Amsterdam, tolerant Amsterdam, Jordaan, Red Light District, cheese stores, Dutch influence all around the world and world’s influence on Amsterdam, Dutch Royal family, movements in the 70’s and in the 80’s, modern architecture which adapted to canals and canals which adapted to people’s needs. How come Amsterdam became one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world? Book this tour and find out the answers…and much more!

Price: depends on the number of people.

Please contact us for more info/reservation


Day Tour of Amsterdam


This is our best, this tour is where you become an Amsterdammer for a day. On this tour you will get a mixture of the best and the less best from the history and today. Our local guide will take through Amsterdam with the stories which will discover you all, no secrets! This tour has 1h lunch break within it, where we picked up a local restaurant for you  and we will make sure that is a high quality meal.

Highlights: Classical Amsterdam points such as Old gate, Harbor, Royal Palace, Red Light district, Jordaan, cheese tasting, beautiful architecture, the most tolerant city in the world, human rights, Dutch design and art and everything what you need to see and we will also talk about history of Netherlands which sometimes was not so bright and to be proud of. We want you to discover Amsterdam and the history of this country how it is, no make up! 

Price: depends on the number of participants.

Please contact us for more info/resevation


Rijksmuseum visit


Established by the King of Netherlands Louis Bonaparte in the 19th century Rijksmuseum today is a Dutch national musuem dedicated to art and history. In this museum you will find art from the 13th century onwards and its collection has around 1 million objects out of which around 8 000 objects are there to be seen. Save your precious time, book this tour and we will show you the best of it. 

Lenght: 2 hours

Highlights: history of Dutch art and its influence, we will take a look at painters private lives which very often had an impact on what we got from them after, Rembrandt and his The Night Watch, famous Dutch Golden Age masters and their works, Vermeer and his Milkmaid, Frans Hals, Jan Asselijn, Hendrick Avercamp, Vincent van Gogh and his selfportrait. 

Price depends on the number of people.

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Group travelers


If you are on a team-building in Amsterdam, school trip, university group, travel company or simply a larger group of friends traveling to Amsterdam, we organise affordable private group tours.

Since 2012, City Free Tour Amsterdam is a partner to universities from all around the Globe, schools and companies which want to make their experience in Amsterdam unique and original, private, fun and educational. City Free Tour Amsterdam will design an unique tour according to your wishes and our suggestions. This tour has a possibility of pick up and drop of.

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