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Free tours:

Wednesdays: Classic Walk | runs at 14h | tip-based

Fridays:  Classic Walk | runs at 14h | tip-based

Saturdays:  Classic Walk | runs at 11h | tip-based

Sundays:  Classic Walk | runs at 14h | tip-based


Private tours:

Full Amsterdam tour | For groups (4- 8 people): starting at €128

Amsterdam-in-one day | For groups (4- 8 people): starting at €450

 Book your tour here. Other schedules and tour plans are possible for private tours.


The perfect introduction to Amsterdam

The perfect introduction to Amsterdam | 2h | Tip-based

In a two-hour transect we cover most of the relevant places of Amsterdam’s centre, exploring 800 years of history and culture.Solid information on the city’s events, monuments and people is complemented by an overview of Amsterdam’s cosmopolitanism and Dutch lifestyle. This is a tip-based tour.

Schedule: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 14h, Saturdays at 11h. Reservation is strongly recommended here.    read more


Full tour Thumb Full insight into a wonderful city | 3h | Group tour

In this tour we checkpoint the city centre attractions and go beyond, to discover the artistic, quiet, exquisite or abandoned side of Amsterdam. Besides historical landmarks such as the Old city or the 3-canal belt, this tour includes state-of-the-art buildings, trendy shops, ferry-boat trips, the Begijnhof and much more!

This tour is a photographer’s dream and a surprising experience.

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This tour is designed for groups (4-8 people). Price starts at €128/group. Please book here


Amsterdam in one day

The must-see list for the one-day visitor | 7h | Group tour

The title says it all: in a highly diversified tour, we will take you in a surprising journey that will unveil Amsterdam’s charms, highlights and flaws. We explore Amsterdam’s history and lifestyle, from the Jewish district to the beautiful Jordaan, visiting almost unknown trendy neighbourhoods such Prinseneiland or Amsterdam-Noord.

All of this at a slow, quiet pace, allowing a full enjoyment of Amsterdam’s centenary atmosphere. read more


This tour is a private tour for groups. Price starts at €450/group.

For further information or bookings, please contact us.


Contact us for customised private tours:

Our private tours are the most personalised way to discover Amsterdam. An insightful and unique experience. The fees for private tours are calculated according to your group size, tour duration and itinerary request. contact us


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