Welcome to City Free Tour


Dear guests,

Welcome to my page! I started City Free Tour in the year 2009 with the Montmartre Free Tour, in order to show my area in Paris to visitors. After this I have organised many different tours and visits, sometimes in cooperation with other independent tour guides.

During the first years City Free Tour  became well known name in the world of “what to  do in Paris” – all thanks to my guests and the people I have been working with.

Today I’m still organizing tours in Paris and guiding most of them myself. The Montmartre Free Tour and many other tours that I can give you on your request. My education background is philosophy, political science and art history.

Already for some years you can find several free and private walking tours in Amsterdam. All done by great team of local Dutch guides, working from the same passion for their city as I do. And since many people enjoy our tours and the way we give them, I recently started offering them in London, Lisbon and Stockholm. 

Feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to make your visit memorable.

Kind regards and hope to hear from you soon,